Have you ever seen the Green Flash at Sunset? I've watched for the Green Flash on nearly every island sunset I've seen for the past two years...and have yet to see it. The green flash...

...can happen at sunset or sunrise. It is actually an optical phenomenon, a mirage of sorts. Was made popular back in the 1880's in a famous book called, The Green Ray and then referenced most recently in the Pirate's of the Caribbean.

Youtube is as close as I've gotten to seeing the green flash, sadly.

Of course, I'll never stop searching! How can you? Once you know it's's like a challenge to seek out the beauty. I've just learned to enjoy the search, trusting eventually one day, maybe at sunset I'll catch a glimpse and the excitement of that first time experience will keep me holding my breath until the next time. The inspiration is found in the search and the hope that it will appear. Much like many other things in our lives....

Inspiration is Everywhere. Find Yours.