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I stumbled upon this video yesterday urging me to watch...

This is the first time I have ever heard another figure skater describe in words the special feeling that appears when you connect with the music while on the ice. Your heart opens...and it's true, you really feel like you are a part of something greater.

I spent the majority of my life on the ice, in an ice rink or at a figure skating competition. There was a small group of us that were taught how to compete, how to skate with grace and how to challenge ourselves each and every day to be better than we were the last.

Again, I was not the best...there were other girls that were FAR, FAR better than I, technically. But one thing I knew that I had, was heart. I could feel music. I could connect with the song and lose myself.

Getting back to my roots has lead me back to the ice, the place I feel at home and the place that calms my soul. I was blessed to have an AMAZING coach and an amazing group of friends during those 'formative' years of my life. And for this, I will forever be grateful to who I surrounded myself with. I get goosebumps thinking how lucky we all were to have eachother. The ice and the culture of figure skating has been one of the largest influences in my life and a monumental force behind who I am today. I'm back on the ice and re-connecting with that person, again. So far, I like what I'm seeing and am so very grateful that my heart never forgot how to sing. A little out of tune and short of breath...but still there!

This video is of an olympian, Sasha Cohen. She is beautiful, talented and I believe understands the gift that she has. The gift that connects her skates to her heart, and her heart to the music. Her technicality is beyond, her drive is impressive, but her 'the' key compononent to that perfect formula of what has made her a champion. A champion can not exist without heart.

"Do everything and anything you want...but do it with heart."

I've always had a love affair with the 'heart' of figure skating and probably always will.

Inspiration is Everywhere.

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