inspired | STYLE: it's no secret that I adore, Chanel.

it's no secret that I adore, Chanel. Not just because it's a sought out 'aspirational brand', but mainly because I absolutely adore the woman, the founder, the inspiration, Coco Chanel. She's somewhat of my spiritMAVERICK (more about that later). I'm sure I'll write more about her in later posts, due to my utmost respect and admiration that sparks serious inspiration on my end.

Literally just came across this Chanel sale.... I don't think I've ever come across a Chanel 'sale'.

If my situaton were different (mainly if I lived in my ancestral region in the UK) I would be all over purchasing this ENTIRE Collection that has just gone up for sale.

Wearing some of these outfits in a small town in the midwest, or a mountain Village in Wyoming, Montana, or Colorado may turn some heads (tweed suits? no can do). But low and behold there is one shirt that has now become my visionary obsession. I MUST GET MY HANDS ON THIS CHANEL SHIRT (or one like it)...

Can you imagine? A pair of skinny dark denim jeans, cowboy boots and some appropriate jewelry...this would be my EVERYDAY outfit.

Casual Chanel, that sounds somewhat like a paradox:)

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