inspired | MUSINGS: Top 10 Positive People you should have in your life for the New Year

Can you believe the year is almost over!? This year has flown by and I, myself, can feel that next year is going to be a year full of possibilities...

This was a year of lessons learned, for me. MAJOR LIFE LESSONS! But the most significant lesson is one that FINALLY made me realize that ‘I’ have the authority in my life. I am the CEO of my life. And it is with this title that I also have the power to invite or accept people into my life that are good for me, excited for my 'journey' and positive influences, rather than negative. It's a disheartening lesson to learn and a hard one to adjust to, because of all the ‘friends’ you’ll have to leave behind…but in the end it makes all the difference .

With that said; my list for the top 10 POSITIVE people you SHOULD have in your life when you enter the new year!!

1. The people that help ease the stress of everyday life. Welcome those in your life that help you work through your issues and stress, not those that add to your stress. Life is hard enough…we should want people around that want to lift you up, not kick you while you are down!

2. The people who want to collaborate. Collaboration is where it’s at for 2015! But make sure you know the people who want to collaborate and not just use you. There is a fine line. Collaboration means that BOTH parties get something out of it. Get rid of those that only know how to USE YOU and others and WELCOME those that understand the beauty in collaboration. Life isn’t a competition, we should all be willing to help each other out however we can!!

3. The people who respect you. Seems obvious, but so often we overlook this obvious fact because we love someone or want to be their friend or lover. The people that respect you will be your support as they respect your past lessons, your present situation and your future goals. Respect is not given, it is earned. Give respect and you will get respect. Somewhat of the golden rule, I suppose. Respect is key in 2015!

4. The people who are not out to 'hurt' you. This should go without saying: don’t spend time with people that want to hurt you. It's hard, as sometimes these people come wearing a disguise. At the end of the year, take some time to identify who these people are and don't invite them in to 2015, with you. They haven’t earned it. The people who you want in your life, are the people that are sad when you are sad and HAPPY when you are HAPPY! End of story.

5. Honest people. 2014, taught me that I need to trust my instincts the first time around. If you feel someone is lying to you, they probably are! 2015 should be a year where you surround yourself with HONEST people. Your stomach shouldn't be in knots ALL the time, as you question your intuition. Eliminate the liars. Period. Having honest people in your life is UBER trendy!! Pass it on!

6. The people that are genuine to your face AND behind your back. These are your true friends, the golden eggs, so to speak, AND the ones that you want to keep for 2015. If you've ever experienced a friend being two-faced, you know how important it is to surround yourself with people that are genuine no matter whom they are around! Being two faced is sooooo LAST YEAR!!

7. People that act like they care about you and GENUINELY do! My mom once told me that there are some people that will act like they care just to get the juicy details of your life, only to sit back in judgement and enjoyment. Unfortunately, 2014 showed me just how true this was. As we approach 2015; get rid of those people and focus on the people that CARE ABOUT YOU!! Like, really care about you. You already know who they are...give them more credit and invite them around more often! You'll be happy you did.

8. The people who see the potential for your future. Seriously. Surround yourself with friends that will dream with you...not literally, sleep next to you, and dream. BUT the people that will dream about the possibilities of your future, that will get excited when you tell them what you've 'ALWAYS WANTED TO DO'. In fact, call up your BFF RIGHT NOW.....and tell her or him what your dream was as a kid, and then the two of you should brainstorm how you can STILL make it come true. "When I grow up....I want to be a....." There’s still time!!! You’re still growing, we're all still growing! Do it NOW! And keep that friend to dream with for 2015! You won't regret it.

9. The people that encourage you to be a better version of who you were yesterday. So, yah...get rid of those that encourage your bad habits. And keep those that will call you out when you NEED calling out. Require all your friends to hold you to a high standard, and begin to hold yourself to a higher standard. Afterall, you are pretty important, you're the CEO of your own life:) (see, we’re all CEO’s…add that to your resume- I’ll even give you a reference;) )

10. People that Add something to your life. Life is short, time is fleeting and we are ALL busy. Therefore, only let people in that offer something. They should offer, happiness, laughs, fun times and the promise of MANY fun memories. Do this and you will in no time feel wealthier than you have ever felt. You can be the CEO of your own life and live a RICH life not through monetary means but by adding people that ADD to your life. Trust me…your bank account won’t ever bring you this type of happiness that adding people like this can!

This year is all about your clique....create a clique that is positive and makes you feel good about who you are and where you are headed, NOT ones that thrive on negativity, force you to judge others and make you feel crappy about your own life!

Positivity, collaboration and dreaming…this is going to be one hell of a ride!!

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