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For over 10+ years,  Justina Sharp has been an online personality with her blog and popular social media channel - a bent piece of wire.  She projects a confidence that encourages her audience to show up every day as their best, most powerful selves.  Known as  'the voice for brides' with her viral series "Brides with Boundaries", Justina is now a mainstay as one of the top bridal and wedding influencers, globally. 

Kat Williams


Kat Williams

While planning her own wedding she found her niche as 'the voice for brides' with her viral series, "Brides with Boundaries".  This series expanded into sharing advice for Bridesmaids alongside showcasing bridesmaid fashion  in her series "always a bridesmaid". Justina can be found collaborating with the top bridal and wedding professionals and attending collection previews and wedding and bridal trade events to offer her audience an inside look into the sometimes elusive and in demand industry of weddings. 


Beyond bridal and wedding content - Justina 's social channels document her life; from her home office in Los Angeles, to directing summer camps, to events in the beauty and lifestyle industry. Her audience stays for her off the cuff humor and her unique voice in lifestyle and bridal and wedding content.

Seen in Teen Vogue, Huffington Post, NPR, Newsweek, Vogue- Italia, and The New York Times; Justina Sharp is not just an influencer, but also a former entertainment writer, and Gen-Z expert with a budding career as a commercial actress in Los Angeles, CA.


Wrote her 1st blog in 2013


Women, aged 18-25, in the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia. LA, NYC, Dallas, London


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Los Angeles, CA


Over 300k total followers

Facebook Group of 10k+ BRIDES


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Justina's Private Facebook Group; under the same moniker as her viral series -  'Brides with Boundaries'. A community of over 10,000 + real brides asking questions, voicing opinions and offering support to each other as they explore the highs and lows of planning a wedding .


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