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...we understand the unique dynamics of marketing with bridal and wedding influencers. As the trailblazing talent management company exclusively catering to the bridal and wedding sectors, our focus remains on aligning with the nuances of this niche.

 Our Services


Our Consulting services is tailored to brands committed to elevating their strategies in influencer marketing. We guide brands through the complexities of influencer marketing with  a one-on-one approach. Leveraging our expertise and insights within the bridal and wedding industry we consult on collaborations with both in-house and external influencers, voices of real brides, and brand employees as internal influencers. Our consulting services cater to bridal and wedding companies and extend to businesses outside the niche seeking to harness the marketing potential of this category.


Our Influencer Casting Services extend beyond our in-house talent. We specialize in sourcing authentic voices by conducting external castings of 'real brides.' Our team identifies and evaluates social media personalities who are either recently engaged or consistently producing content within the bridal and wedding niche. By understanding a company's specific requirements for 'real brides', we scout and source individuals who authentically align with their influencer marketing strategy.


Our Campaign Management service streamlines influencer marketing. From negotiating influencer agreements to overseeing deliverables and approvals, we handle it all. With weekly calls, we ensure transparent communication. Our service includes detailed Analytics and Assessment for ongoing campaign success.


Our Brand Management is a 1 on 1 consulting service offered to individuals with the ambition to extend beyond their established niches. Whether you're an athlete aspiring to explore avenues beyond sports or a traditional influencer entering the realm of marriage, with intentions to leverage your wedding for exposure and brand growth, our expertise positions us to offer guidance on utilizing your distinctive niche to attain your specific goals.

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