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FROST manages the top bridal and wedding creators in the creator economy, elevating their brand within the bridal fashion and wedding niche for a strong category presence. Our roster offers authentic connections with the 'future bride' across digital platforms.


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As the #1 bridal fashion stylist on Tik Tok, globally - Kennedy didn't just break barriers on her channels Gown Eyed Girl; she shattered them, paving the way for a new era in the industry. The channels of Gown Eyed Girl  proves an engagement that eclipse most major bridal and wedding publications, making her a titan in the digital landscape. With an innate ability to captivate and inspire the Gown Eyed Girl audience Kennedy ignites a fervor among brides-to-be and industry aficionados alike. 

Gown Eyed Girl

In 2023, Alysia Cole styled over 100 brides, skyrocketing to become the bridal industry's fastest-growing sensation. Her authenticity and inclusivity have made her the go-to source of inspiration for CURVE brides globally, reshaping the bridal experience with her unparalleled flair and empowerment

Alysia Cole

Laur excels as a trailblazing wedding content creator, equally impressing with her hosting talent for wedding series on both Yahoo! and The Knot. Solidifying her influential position in the wedding industry, Laur's deep grasp of content and social media has propelled her as both a coveted wedding influencer and the top choice for celebrities, influencers, and anyone seeking to elevate their wedding day content.

Plan with Laur

Sydney, aka "Squid,"  is not just a bridal influencer, but also shines as a model and actress in print campaigns and national commercials across industries, solidifying her status as a sought-after talent in  advertising. As an influencer, "Squid" seamlessly merges bridal fashion and weddings with her refreshing approach. Amid wedding chaos, she inspires serenity, urging couples to create meaningful moments. 

Sydney 'Squid' Westra


Attention real brides with a powerful online presence! We're currently casting for brand collaborations, exclusive events, and exciting opportunities.




Texas based content creator that showcases bridal looks in a clean modern aesthetic. Perfect for brands looking for bridal content creators.

Bridal Jess

Jennifer Connolly is a powerhouse influencer in the 60+ demographic, with a dedicated and loyal following. Her influence extends beyond typical demographics, making her the authority for mothers-in-law, mothers of the bride, grandmothers, and often overlooked individuals in the wedding industry. Jennifer's recommendations shape the narrative, setting new standards for inclusivity and representation across age groups.

Jennifer Connolly

As the #1 French wedding content creator on TikTok, Laetitia Raoux founded her channel Les Grandioses to connect with French speaking 'future brides'.

Leatitia Raoux

Known as the queen of 'bridal boundaries,' Justina Sharp expertly guides a thriving community of future brides. Her journey as a creator started with her fashion blog, A Bent Piece of Wire, which landed her in the pages of Teen Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Nylon, and more. Years later, her own engagement would lead her and her audience to the bridal and wedding space. Following her nuptials, Justina continued her  journey, now delving into comedic writing and theatrical acting, solidifying her position as a dynamic force in the industry while continuously pushing her boundaries.

Justina Sharp

Caroline Ripa first gained viral fame as a fashion influencer, showcasing fashion hauls that highlighted styles on a curvy body. Her journey to the altar elevated her status, catching the attention of a bridal designer and signing a contract to become a spokesperson for their size-inclusive collection. Caroline has since traveled internationally to advocate for size inclusivity in bridal fashion and is now the go-to curator of curvy bridal fashions and a resource for future brides with her wedding registry shopping guides. Her life as a newlywed  is a combination of real moments, style, and inspiration.

Caroline Ripa

Taelor Pawnell gained a following as a plus-size fashion influencer, infusing her illustrations and artistic flair into her content. This caught the attention of Fortune 500 companies, leading to prominent campaigns that showcased her creativity and art direction. Taelor's profile soared further during her own wedding planning journey when her viral DIY projects captured widespread attention. Today, she continues to share her creativity with the bridal and wedding industry, serving as an illustrator for creative campaigns and brand events. Through her channels, Taelor champions creativity, inspiring brides to infuse their wedding planning journey with their unique artistic vision.

Taelor Pawnell

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