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SEA specializes in Brand Management within niche categories, strategically expanding beyond established niches to optimize opportunities and propel brand expansion.

It's All About the Niche.

Frank Nitty, a namesake in basketball culture, captivates audiences with his unique on-court finesse and ability to engage NBA's top players. Beyond basketball, his influence extends to billboards for brands like Guess, mentions in popular songs, and diverse ventures, showcasing his versatility both on and off the court.

Frank Nitty

Jayda Bovero, a former NCAA Division One hooper and Team USA U-16 Trials participant, seamlessly blends her basketball prowess with a successful modeling career. From appearing in print, commercial, and influencer campaigns for renowned brands like Target, Away, and HBO.

Jayda Bovero

Dubbed the Kontent King, Trey Uno's journey from iconic New York courts to a Social Media Content Creator has made him a viral sensation. As an independent creative director of content, his influence spans major brands like Wilson and Nike, and he's making strides on the big screen, recently seen hooping in the film "Somewhere in Queens" alongside Ray Romano.

Trey Uno

Glen Dandridge, former NCAA athlete and professional basketball player, seamlessly transitions between his roles as a model and a photographer. From national campaigns with Dockers, Ralph Lauren, and Levis to shooting top models on the West Coast, Glen's dynamic career showcases his versatility both in front of and behind the camera.

Glen Dandridge

Bree Green, a multifaceted basketball influencer, former Harlem Globetrotter, and college and pro player, extends her presence beyond the court in commercials and print ads and as a host, creator, and trainer. Engaging in home flipping and art creation through her brand, The Green Collection, Bree showcases a diverse range of talents and entrepreneurial ventures.

Bree Green

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